We Want You!

So what if you can't carry a tune, have two left feet, or can only paint-by-number! (Or even if you can...)

Can you smile and make people feel welcome? Then you are just who we're looking for!

All of the music, arts, and performance events at the Hooker-Dunham Theater & Gallery are staffed by volunteers who invest their time and talent to keep things running smoothly for every event. Volunteers serve refreshments, sell and collect tickets at the door, and most of all greet our audience members and help make them glad they came.

In return, you attend the event for free and get to know some of your fellow community members you may never have had a chance to say hello to before. You also get to contribute to the ongoing activity of the arts in Brattleboro without singing an aria, dancing the fandango, playing Hamlet, or juggling large dangerous objects.


First, check out our events schedule and see what events capture your interest. Don't be shy . . .we want to see you as often as possible.

Next, email us and let us know which events (or kind of events) you would like to volunteer for. For most events, we will need you ninety minutes prior to their beginning. You may also call us at 802-254-9276.

Last, accept our sincere gratitude for sharing your valuable time and effort to make the events at the Hooker-Dunham Theater & Gallery a success.



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