Tracey Grammer and Jim Henry, continued...

...this duo shares original songs, instrumentals, and pays homage to Grammers former partner, Dave Carter, and other stellar writers while charting a brand new course for themselves in the musical landscape. Grammer says, "Ill keep on singing, and Ill keep on telling my story, however that evolves. Working with Dave Carter was the first step on what I hope is going to be a long and fruitful road for me: the endless quest for authenticity through music.

Tracy Grammer first saw Dave Carter perform at a songwriter showcase in 1996, and by 1998, they had entered into a mutual "marriage in music where their unique strengths came together in powerful synergy. Carter conjured mystical, romantic true fictions while Grammer complemented his expert guitar, banjo and voice with beautifully intoned violin, guitar, mandolin and emotionally potent vocals.

By 2000, they were signed to Signature Sounds and released Tanglewood Tree on the well respected Massachusetts record label. The album swept the folk airwaves, finishing as the #1 Most Played Album on Folk Radio for 2000. The 2001 release of the polished Drum Hat Buddha brought Grammer into high relief. Her vocals were featured on fully half of the cuts and her astute production leadership resulted in what many regarded as their studio tour de force.

In early 2002, Carter and Grammer joined fan and folk icon, Joan Baez, on an east coast tour. In addition to their feature set, the two also served as backing band members. Grammer found herself in the spotlight as the featured instrumentalist and with her voice exquisitely balanced in counterpoint to Baez' rich vocals.

Grammer is currently touring in support of Flower of Avalon, her much anticipated solo debut. It includes nine previously-unreleased songs by the late Dave Carter and one traditional tune, re-worked by Oregon professor Wm. Jolliff. Multi-tasking masterfully as co-producer, singer, and multi-instrumentalist, Grammer digs deep into the spirit of Carter's poetic verses and haunting melodies to color each song with textures and flourishes that blur the boundaries of categorization. Paired with Grammers voice -- emotive, warm and versatile -- the songs on Flower of Avalon are nothing less than visionary. Mary Chapin Carpenter sings harmony on three cuts and wrote the liner notes for the record. Carpenter writes, Tracys continuing quest to make sure that the world remembers Dave Carter marks a new beginning of artistry for her. We are lucky that she is so brave, generous and gifted.

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