About Us:

The Hooker-Dunham Theater & Gallery is committed to inspiring personal and community transformation through the interplay of artists and audiences.

In January of 1999, Wild Root Arts—a nonprofit arts organization—took over management of a 3,000 square foot-space in downtown Brattleboro’s historic Hooker-Dunham block. One floor below street level, the former shoe warehouse, and then little cinema, is now the area’s most active and diverse venue for arts, culture and public gatherings. In fact, Vermont Business Magazine cited the Hooker-Dunham Theater & Gallery as a driving force in downtown Brattleboro’s revitalization.

The Theater & Gallery invites public use of its spaces for arts presentations—including theater, film, music—as well as exhibits, benefits, meetings and other gatherings.

The Theater & Gallery invites public use of its spaces for arts presentations-including theater, film, music-as well as exhibits, benefits, meetings, and other gatherings.

The H-DT&G now boasts:

  • A renovated 99-seat theater with lights and a sound system for music
  • Video and film presentation capabilities
  • An integrated gallery space

Since the founding of the H-DT&G:

  • More than 35,000 visitors have attended events
  • More than 900 events have been produced in the renovated theater
  • More than 70 gallery exhibits have been mounted